1. Unique designs catered to each individual
Privately minted rounds and bars all have unique designs that are perfect for a wide range of individuals. Designs both celebrating the holidays and other passions can be found at Amagi.

2. Promote Fiscal Responsibility
A gift with a lesson. Fun to collect and great for saving money.

3. Gift that keeps on giving
As long as the government continues to print money, it’s easy to predict that the value of your bullion won’t rot away in at the whims of inflation.

4. Long History with religious symbolism
Gold and silver have long been used in ceremony and celebration of religious holidays. Even the Christian Jesus was gifted gold at his birth.

5. Easy to wrap
Gold and silver bullion comes in several different sizes even going as light as 1 gram. Perfect for fitting in stockings, sending in the mail, or wrapping up a box the size of your hand.

6. Good for any Budget
If you’re looking for a small affordable gift or a gift that really expresses your admiration, bullion can be bought on budgets of any size.

7. Easy to buy
Instead of running around at the Mall to find out of stock products, buying gold and silver almost guarantees your gift will be in stock and arrive in time for the holidays.

8. Can easily be resold
Instead of a gift card that limits where you can spend it, gold and silver can be turned into fiat currency or Bitcoin easily.

9. Universally recognized
In almost all cultures gold and silver have been recognized as a symbol of wealth and a store of value. This means bullion is a perfect versatile gift for all sorts of holidays.

10. It’s Shiny!
Gold and Silver is beautiful and flashy in any size.