I find the two words synonymous…

While all spending by the government is looked at relatively, let’s take a glimpse into some programs that government invested millions and billions into to see how necessary they really were.

Did you know that billions are lost every year in just waste and fraud alone? As you can guess, government employees in and outside of the pearly gates of Washington, DC have been convicted or not convicted of embezzlement, theft, and have kicked back money to personal projects in their own companies or districts. This is just a drop in the bucket compared to some of the programs in 2014 that took waste to a whole new squandering level.

Let’s start with the government’s favorite past time: policing and rebuilding the world. In 2014, $104 Billion went to the reconstruction of Afghanistan, mostly funneled to Afghan security forces and unprofitable purchases of power plants. To put that into perspective, that’s $20 Billion over Bill Gates entire net worth to “build” a country…that is not located anywhere near the taxpayer’s land. It’s 2014. It’s been eleven years since 9/11 and they are still trying the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Let’s move on to the Welfare and Entitlement Programs. Over $100 million in tax payer dollars was given erroneously in 2014. That doesn’t include the billions spent on programs like Medicaid, Medicare, and Food Stamps. This connects with a story we all know about so-and-so getting a salary while fraudulently on disability. It’s a shame to see a program that is meant to help the needy be taken advantage of, but this is what happens when government gets involved.

$240 million dollars was flushed down the FEMA toilet when it was found out that their new fancy alert system was not compatible with other systems, thus couldn’t signal and address the appropriate areas that needed supplies and assistance, rendering the project almost useless.

The list goes on and on for the garbage the government produced this year, all with the help of their trusty sidekick: The Federal Reserve. War, the Affordable Care Act (haha, that name gets me every time), IT malfunctions, etc are all possible through the infinite supply of money from The Fed. In the free market, faulty operations are not rewarded with an infinite amount of funding. Instead, true innovators must change with the tides keeping their work relevant and useful for their consumers. Government is not held to this standard and never will be.

– Megan Duffield, Marketing Director