I had never heard of Matt Taibbi…….
That is, until I read his riveting article in Rolling Stone Magazine. The title, “$9 Billion Dollar Witness: Meet J.P. Morgan Chase’s Worst Nightmare” immediately captured my attention. In it, Taibbi, a veteran author and journalist, uncovers a shocking set of confessions from a former Chase executive regarding this mega financial institution’s attempted to squelch her. Well researched and adroitly crafted, Taibbi’s interview left me wanting to know more.
With rapt curiosity, I immediately initiated a search on Amazon to explore Taibbi’s body of work. “Presto!,” I exclaimed upon coming across his most recent book, The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.
One click and it was downloaded on my Kindle app.
As a voracious reader of over 80 books a year, I must say that “The Divide” is one of the most earth shattering I’ve ever digested. Each page rocked my sh**, making me squirm with discomfort. Some of what he reveals came frightenly close to home; other issues were total news to me. In the end, any person with a curiosity as to how wealth REALLY works in the U.S. needs to grab a copy of this book.
The basic premise of