For a limited time, Amagi Metals is offering select gold products at dealer cost. These are the lowest premiums you can find online for gold.

To accompany this deal we have cooked up some great reasons to make 2015 “The Year of Gold” and build responsible financial habits. Take a look at the big picture!

1. Gold is at some of the lowest prices since 2010-2011. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

2. Gold is easier to store than cash. If you are stuffing your savings away for the future, under the mattress is too risky and inconvenient. Also, savings accounts aren’t going to offer you an interest rate that can keep up with the rate of inflation. Go for gold! Stay tuned for information on how to store gold and silver with Amagi Metals.

3. The European Central Bank just announced that it will be pumping over 1Trillion Euros into the European Economy over the next two years. Let the currency race to the bottom begin!

4. The Federal Reserve is discussing interest rate hikes. This could mean that the dollar enjoys a spike up, however we live in bizarro world; so don’t count on rational behavior by the banks. They will most likely just keep printing!

5. Russia and China are buying up massive amounts of gold, and have been for the past year or more. While Russia’s Ruble may be suffering, the country and its close neighbor are some of the largest economies in the world.

6. Savings and retirement plans are becoming more and more self-directed. To ensure your financial future, think about buying gold, a consistently valued metal. Amagi Metals even has a Closed Loop IRA option that makes it easy to begin accruing precious metals into your Individual Retirement Account.

7. Throughout the beginning of 2015, Amagi Metals will be focusing on gold products and offering them to customers at some of the lowest premiums in company history. Some items will even be available at dealer cost! Check out our first gold item, the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf – only $28 over spot!


7.1. Are you watching the Bitcoin price rally? Trade your Bitcoin for gold at!

Cheers to financial responsibility!