1. Bernard von NotHaus
“We never refer to the American Liberty as a coin…. The word ‘coin’ is a government-controlled term. This is currency that is free from government control.”
Co-founder of the Royal Hawaiian Mint Company, NotHaus was convicted of domestic terrorism for his sound money advocacy. The charges were a result of his choice to mint “Liberty Dollars” – a private currency backed in precious metals met to be an alternative to the inflated fiat US Dollar. Recently sentenced to only 6 months house arrest, NotHaus has become an icon in the precious metals community. A sound money rebel.
2. James U. Blanchard III
“James U. Blanchard III was a man who accomplished much against great odds, and changed more people’s lives than he ever knew.”
Blanchard championed a grassroots campaign to promote the right of Americans to own gold. In 1971, he formed the National Committee to Legalize Gold and was one of the leading figures in influencing President Gerald Ford to sign a bill legalizing ownership of gold. Living up to his reputation as a dramatic supporter of sound money, Blanchard paid for a bi-plane to fly over Nixon’s inauguration towing a “Legalize Gold” banner. His bold actions have forever shaped